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This is a happy and healthy curry leaf plant sapling, scientific name Murraya Koenigii or Bergera Koenigii grown from seed. These trees have their origin in India and Sri Lanka where you can find them in the backyards of many households. Fresh curry leaves are extremely aromatic and have a strong flavor that has been compared to citrus, asafoetida, anise, and lemongrass. When cooked or fried, curry leaves have a mild and slightly pungent bite with a nutty aroma.

In Europe it’s very difficult to find fresh curry leaves. Since 2014 (EU, Council Directive) there’s an import ban on fresh leaves, to prevent the spreading of citrus greening disease. Dried leaves can still be imported. However, during the dehydration of the leaves, most of the flavor is lost as well.

How to take care of a curry leaf plant?

Curry leaf plant

Mother plant

The curry leaf tree likes sunlight, heat and humidity. It can not really handle frost, so that means in most countries in Europe you can not have them outside all the time. They do very well in a pot, and can be brought outside in summer time. Place them in the sunniest spot you can find. Indoors you can increase humidity by placing them on a humidity tray.

In wintertime, we recommend to use a grow light to keep the plant growing. If you don’t use a grow light, it might shed it’s leaves. Don’t worry, they will grow back in spring when days get longer and temperatures are climbing. Water only when the top 2 centimeters of the soil is dry.

Eventually this sapling will grow into a large plant or tree which can provide you plenty of fresh and aromatic leaves for making the most delicious curries.


It will be shipped in a carton box, using a special plant mail order pack. This is to ensure it will reach you in a perfect condition.


(1) COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2000/29/EC on protective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants or plant products and against their spread within the Community

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